Coca-Cola Does Milk?

Marking its entry into the dairy category, Coca-Cola recently launched a new brand called Fairlife. The

new line of milk products will have more protein and calcium and protein, plus less sugar than their traditional counterparts. Plus, it will be lactose free. According to the brand’s website, it achieves these differences by using a special “ultra-filtration” process.

It looks like Fairlife is only in test markets right now, but I’ll be curious to see how it performs when/if it gets national distribution. I know protein and calcium are essential to our diets, less sugar is a good thing and a significant number of people are lactose intolerant. However, with the exception of its Minute Maid brand, Coca-Cola doesn’t have a reputation for healthy products. Even some Minute Maid juices have high fructose corn syrup. True, not every consumer will know that Fairlife is a Coke brand, but it will still be made by a company that generally produces indulgent products.

Not to mention, many competitors to traditional milk beat Fairlife to the market – for example soy milk and almond milk. Many view these products as comparable to “real” milk in taste and health benefits, so Fairlife will have to work hard to carve a niche out for itself.

Finally, Business Insider says Fairlife costs twice as much as traditional milk, which would definitely prevent some budget-conscious consumers from embracing it.

If Fairlife comes to Cincinnati, I’ll definitely give it a shot. However, the higher price point would keep me from making it a weekly purchase. What do the rest of you think?


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